Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The ascent of Robert Vadra

There are many ways to accumulate wealth and riches, none easier than marrying into it. Robert, of average looks and even averager IQ, did much better than that. He won the fastest race to billionairedom, without even having to ask his in-laws for help.

According to him, he just sent his kids to the rights schools, where they made the right friends, who had the right parents, who had the right need for his considerable talents as an average Joe. 50% ownership of international hotel chains, non redeembale, non convertible, non repayable, zero coupon loans, a few 5000 sq ft apartments in prime buildings, and many more non average kind of goodies, soon followed, all for nothing. A true case of money for nothing and Priyanka for free. His benefactors just liked the fact that Roberts kids were best friends with their kids in schools, and the fact that Robert was such a likeable average guy.

Hey, these are private transactions between private entities, and our good average Robert is not an elected officer ( who are entitled to all these goodies anyways). And DLF would have done the same for any average citizen married to the Gandhi family. Cant  see why the Congress party is jumping to  Roberts' defence...a case of the party protesting too much...they should instead be auctioning this national and natural resource to the highest bidder, in keeping with the latest supreme court rulings on such assets. He is a money making machine.

The other alternative is to elect him into an office of power, so the nation can benefit from his considerable talents. The national deficit may be completely solved in a matter of months if we leave Robert to do his job and give him  carte blanche, to seek and expand his childrens  circle of friends. Maybe they can change schools every term so they can make new friends.

And can we request honorable members of parliament and ministers like Salman Kurshid, Chidmabaram, and Manish Tiwari, to stop wasting their time, and insulting the public's intelligence by trying to defend the good Robert. He needs no defence, and even if he did, is perfectly capable of defending himself. They should instead all bow to his superior skills in winning friends and influencing people, while still maintaining a low profile and his average Joe image.

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