Monday, January 10, 2011

Mumbai marathon

           After a break of two years, I have decided to run the
marathon in January. And this time it is the half marathon, just to
prove that I am not yet too old. Frankly it is the opportunity to run
over the sea link that is driving me this time, apart from a desire to
maintain domestic harmony and peace by raising some money for
Childline India, with which as all of you know Kajol is deeply

           Since I have spared you of the effort to reach for your
wallets, for two years now, I am sure you will be generous this time.
You will all have the dual privilege of making me run 21 km while at
the same time contributing to a  worthwhile cause, fully subsidised
through tax exemptions by the Government of India. You cannot get a
better deal than  appearing to be socially conscious, and obliging a
friend, while getting the Government to pay for it.

          .I am attaching info on Childline and also how to go about

CHILDLINE 1098 is the largest national, 24x7, emergency, toll-free
phone and outreach service for children in distress. Once a call is
made on 1098, a rescue team reaches a child within 60 minutes. And
because it’s free, children of all ages from the poorest situations
can pick up the phone at any corner, any time, and say, ‘Hello
Childline?’ knowing that help, if they need it will reach them within
an hour

Currently in 82 cities across 25 states of the country,  Childline has
responded to  over 18 million calls.There is a perceived need to
extend this service to every district in the country. By the end of
March 2011, Childline will be expanding to 80 more cities, and
continue to grow. To know more youcan log on to

I am using this opportunity to raise funds for the work being done by
CHILDLINE and would like to seek your support for this cause. Any
amount, big or small (preferably big) can help change lives. You will
be surprised at how little it takes to make a mammoth difference.

 Donations can be made by cheque in favour of 'Childline India
Foundation' . Please mail the cheques to the attention of:

Madhusudhan Menon, 1802, Marathon Heights, P.B. Marg, Mumbai 400013.


Alternatively, you may give online through my iGive page -

 All donations by check directly to 'Childline India Foundation' are
eligible for 100% Tax exemption under 35AC of the IT Act.

Make sure you donate generously.