Tuesday, December 8, 2009

tiger by the tail

Speaking of money and other things, Tiger Woods has it all. Talent, money, a beautiful wife and a string of women. Finally the tale telling women have the tiger by the tail.
After doing it to professional golfers on golf courses round the world, Tiger is finally having it done to him off the course..below par again, of course.
But is it news? For me? No. What he does off the golf course is his business, and now a multi million dollar business for all the females involved. In the feeding frenzy that is sure to follow, I only hope that Tiger remains Tiger on the golf course.
Why does the media go crazy about something like this? It is not as if we elected Tiger to the job of the best athlete in the world. It is not as if Tiger was into performance enhancing (no pun intended) drugs. He just slept with a few women on the side. Thats between him and the women..and his wife. It should be no body else's business.
My advice to Tiger. Dont go on Oprah or anywhere else shooting your mouth off..just let your club do the talking ( again, no pun intended)