Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Does anybody remember a bank that went by the name BCCI? that went bust? Nowadays when one talks about BCCI , it is generally about the cricket board. BCCI the bank eventually came to be known as the Bank of crooks and criminals international. Maybe the Board could use the same expansion as well.
BCCI that spawned the IPL (Pirates League), is now distancing itself from the child and pretending that they saw nothing, heard nothing. They must have at least smelt something. Whatever,... they DID nothing.
Meanwhile the brat they spawned, outgrew the board and is now the tail wagging the dog. Everybody enjoyed the parties, sweated their equity, tweeted on twitter and generally had a blast. Who is complaining? not the fans, not the franchisees, not the broadcasters, not the advertisers, not the sponsors..who was the victim in this crime.
The cricket afficiando will tell you that the gentlemans game of cricket has suffered..Really? The game which was dying a natural death having been replaced by the EPL at the home of cricket in England and in cricket crazy India. The IPL was the last big hope for cricket. And the Board may have landed the last killing blow.
Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Love, sex , drugs and the IPL

For now, i prefer the front pages to the sports and stock pages. Between Lalit Modi and Shashi Tharoor they have created the equivalent of a bowl out in T20 cricket. All the ingredients of love (for money) sex (for glamour) and drugs (for performance) makes this an ideal topic for money and other things.
It has been well known for a long time now that there are curtains behind curtains of ownership of the franchises, and that ownership has nothing to do with the investments. In fact control always was and always will be with the powers that be in BCCI. In this case what probably happened was the Kochi franchise owners, bid a little more than what they were advised to thereby upsetting the apple cart for Ahmedabad who had already paid for and been committed to.
When the proverbial sh... hits the ceiling, a lot of unrelated stuff spills out, such as Shashi Tharoors
external affairs, Lalit Modis graduation from armed robbery to daylight robbery, Sunanda Pushkars nose and other jobs..
Wow...why cant they postpone the rest of the IPL matches so we can pay undivided attention and play the role of cheerleaders for this soap opera?