Wednesday, May 2, 2012

child protection issues

When our learned legislators tear their eyes away from watching porn on their mobile phones, they can act with alacrity on inane issues such as how old you have to be to fall in love. They can let important issues like the Lok Satta Bill or the Microfinance Bill or many other important pieces of legislation get caught  in political procastination, yet are pretty prompt in deciding that teenage hormones need to be legislated against in the interest of the Republic.

Of course the already overburdened police force has a lot of time on their hands to implement this new law, while looking the other way as far as minor crimes like murder, rape and the general loot of our nation takes place in full public view. The only other priority that our police force has is the security cover that they need to provide to these very legislators, so that they can be protected from each other,  and the general public.

To assume that legislation is the only way to address all social problems is like using machine guns to shoot butterflies. To assume that our learned legislators are competent and learned enough to consider all relevant issues before throwing the book  at it, is an insult to our intelligence.

So suffer in silence, at your children's peril..or let our legislators watch porn in the legislature..that is harmless fun which will cause very little damage.

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