Sunday, January 3, 2010

chetan bhagat and 3 idiots

Yes it is one more issue dealing with money and other things...there is a common understanding in commerce and economics that goes caveat emptor or simply put...buyer beware....but in the case of chetan bhagat and the 3 idiots, the concept has been turned on its head...chetan is claiming that seller should beware....after selling the rights, he is pretending to have some kind of interest in the goods sold. It is like the seller of a house complaining that the buyer has painted it blue. Come on Chetan, you are an ex investment banker, you should know better. You should sit back and appreciate the fact that they made a damn good movie of your plot less book and bask in the reflected glory, instead of balming it on your mother who cried cos she did not see enough credit to you..grow up son.
also Aamir, why get involved? you are just an actor and a damn good one at you have not even read the did not need just acted out brilliantly the script that was handed out to you..why take sides? it just muddies the water further..